High-performance Composites & Technical Fabrics

PFS designs and manufacturers innovative composites and technical fabrics for a variety of applications around the world.

While innovation, operational expertise, performance, pricing, reliability, and tenure are essential to delivering the best product for your needs, PFS recognizes that there is more to the equation and promise of “We will Deliver.”
The PFS promise is “We will Deliver” for you. We fulfill our promise by delivering tailored product solutions for your needs. As a leading manufacturer in innovative composites and technical fabrics, PFS will deliver the performance necessary to ensure dependable, quality products designed to meet your specification’s needs reliably. Our long-standing stability in the market, coupled with our proven operational expertise alongside the broadest portfolio in the market, promises to deliver your technical and specification requirements on time and at a very competitive price. You can count on PFS to deliver the technical and operational expertise to guarantee the best performing product to fit your needs.

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